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The Renewable Energy Industry

Here at Capital Corp Merchant Banking Inc., we come across numerous projects that are associated with the Renewable Energy Industry, where greener methods of generating electricity as solar, wind, municipal solid waste, geothermal, feedstock or various other techniques are used.

Given such, it is important to remain abreast of the current industry details.

In fact, during a recent conference (American Council of Renewable Energy) industry leaders detailed that 2011 demonstrated surprising growth during the first half with newly installed wind and solar power totaling 2,151 MW and 582 MW, respectively, to the United States power grid.

Certainly the recent economic decline has benefited the industry with lower manufacturing prices but on the other hand, inconsistent governmental policies could hamper the momentum created thus far to a great extent. For instance, there are currently two tax credits scheduled to end in the U.S. – one this year and the other in 2012.

Therefore, many present and future projects that rely extensively upon government subsidies could be in jeopardy.

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