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Financing for Commercial & Industrial Equipment

Types of Equipment We Fund

* Heavy Equipment

* Industrial Equipment

* Commercial Equipment

* Commercial Construction Equipment

* Fleet Financing

* Mining Equipment

* Drilling Equipment

* Medical Equipment

* Aviation Equipment

* and more!

The Funding Process

The first step, as always, is for our clients to establish contact with us and introduce their deal.


After obtaining the very basic documents (such as an Application for Funding and an Executive summary), then there's the chance to quickly get in contact with the Vendor of the equipment and informing them that financial arrangements are being made for Financing.


Our equipment finance plans are among the best in the world, with conditions matching or superior to the market. And one of the key features that attest to our level of expertise is that we can do those deals worldwide in the same amount of time as it takes for domestic equipment financing deals. 

Advantages To Equipment Financing

There are many advantages for entrepreneurs and business owners to finance equipment purchases, the first of which is modernizing operations and keeping up with the technology required to keep up with demand and provide a reliable quality and quantity of supply.

Equipment purchase financing can not only assist in increasing capacity and improving efficiency for business owners, but it can also create more working capital and ease cost burdens.

Funding Instruments

There are a range of debt, equity, and hybrid financing options that can be used to successfully fund equipment purcharsing: 


- Debt financing

- Equity investment

- Asset-based

- Collateralized loan

- ... or a combination of instruments! You truly get a  financing that is personalized according to your business needs.


A Unique Approach... Tailored to Your Unique Equipment Financing Needs

Capital Corp Merchant Banking has been financing equipment for nearly 40 years and we've had the opportunity to work on a variety of industrial and commercial equipment sectors: from rolling equipment, manufacturing equipment, income producing, mining, aviation - even large industrial helicopters capable of lifting loads in excess of 20 tons.


While the average size of those transactions were about USD $6.5 million, some transactions may be as small as $1.5 million and others as large as $250 million - when dealing, for example, with jumbo jets for airline companies. 


Handling any given equipment financing transaction takes a maximum of 30 business days from start to disbursement and when dealing with manufacturing equipment that has to be built and delivered months later, progressive disbursement can be arranged with the equipment's manufacturer. Best of all, the client has NO payment to make on the equipment until it's in full production. 

45 Years of Experience in the International Banking Industry

Experienced Project Financing


Awarded in Orlando's Business Hall of Fame for 12 Years Running

2017 Gamechanger of the Year Award Winner

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Are you a consultant looking for new funding sources for your clients?

We always appreciate the interest garnered by the high-caliber service we have been providing for 40 years. While we do not have agents representing us in any countries of the world, we still get most of our business from banking consultants, introducers, and brokers worldwide.

If you are a broker, banking consultant, or professional introducer, we welcome the opportunity to do business with you; and in that respect, if you are interested to submit any commercial equipment projects that require funding, we invite you to fill out the contact form below.

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