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Timing is Everything – Part IV of Our Complaints Series

We’ve all heard the sayings “time is of the essence,” “running out of time,” “time’s a-wasting,” “no time like the present”… they’re mainly pushy sayings that want us to go faster in general. We need to get to the office more quickly, get our work done faster, get far ahead of a deadline – or get money faster.

Some money does come fast; you can go to the bank and make a withdrawal and you’re done. Some other money takes time. Money like investor money will take more than 30 seconds. We have heard clients complain in the past that their funding wasn’t coming fast enough. It’s true – when you have a project that you’re excited about, all you can think about is breaking ground and making it come to life already. Waiting for money can be excruciating.

Waiting for reports to get done (economic, viability, environmental, market analyses, you name it) can make you grit your teeth because it’s just not coming fast enough. Government grants can take an especially long amount of time to acquire.

Nevertheless, you have to jump through the hoops, you have to get through the Due Diligence process. Some brokers or financiers will want you to wait as long as possible because in the meantime they are collecting fees off you (refer to our fees article for more on that subject). Others will make you wait to make themselves sound and look important and then they will disappear (see our other fakers article for more info on that).

The Capital Corp team doesn’t believe in that, that’s why we ask for as much information as you’ve got right from the beginning. That’s why we talk right away to our clients about the reports they need so they can start putting that wheel in motion, too. Why do we do that? Because we take pride in obtaining funding for our clients as soon as possible. Because we believe in the beauty of their projects and we take pride in being an active part of that.

This unfortunately doesn’t mean that funding comes overnight. Again, there are those very important reports to get through. Sometimes there are some very valuable government grants and incentives that can sweeten the deal, too. Everything needs to be in order, every i dotted and every t crossed, in order to obtain funding. We want to be able to help our clients right away, but rules must be followed. In the end, when all the hoops are behind us and we can move forward with getting our clients the funding they need, we all know that we’ve got the green light and there’s nothing holding us back.

So what are you waiting for? Time’s a-wasting!

All the best,

The Capital Corp Team

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